Company incorporation

Types of companies

Limited liability company (OOO) - a company founded by one or several individual and/or legal entities. The charter capital of such company shall be divided into shares. Participants of the company shall not be liable for its obligations, but they bear the risk of losses in respect of the company's activity within the limits of their shares' cost.

Closed joint stock company (ZAO) - a joint stock company whose shares shall be distributed only among the founders of the company or predetermined set of people. The number of participants of the closed joint stock company shall not exceed 50.

Branch of the foreign company - a separate subdivision of a foreign legal entity, situated outside of the country of the foreign legal entity. The branch of the company carries out all the functions of the company, including the representative office functions. Branches can not be legal entities. Branch manager shall be appointed by the company and act on the basis of the power of attorney.

Representative office of the foreign company - a separate subdivision of a foreign legal entity, situated outside of the country of the foreign legal entity. The representative office of the company represent the company's interests and exercise their protection. The head of representative office shall be appointed by the company and act on the basis of the power of attorney. The representative office shall not carry out the business activity - its functions are limited by interests representation, negotiation and work with contractors.

Our services during company incorporation

  • Elaboration of constitutive documents
  • Completion of all the necessary forms for documents submitting to the registering authority
  • Notarization of necessary documents
  • Translation of necessary documents
  • State fees payment
  • Submitting and receiving documents in the registering authority
  • Stamps preparation
  • Registration in tax authority and non-budgetary funds
  • Bank account opening
  • Provision of temporary legal address

Necessary documents and information for company incorporation

  1. Form of ownership (LLC, CJSC, etc.)
  2. Full company name in Russian
  3. Short company name in Russian
  4. Full and short company name in English (or in Latin letters)
  5. Company location (state the exact address)
  6. Charter Capital size (minimum 10 000 rubles)
  7. What shall be contributed into the Charter capital (money, property; property must be described)
  8. Charter capital amount for payment before registration (not less than 50% from Charter capital for LLC)
  9. Type of seal case (Colop, wooden, other)
  10. Tax system (classic, simplified tax system 6%, simplified tax system 15%)
  11. Name and address of the bank where settlement account will be opened
  12. How many signatures will be certified on a bank card?
  13. Extract from trade register of parent company (with apostille)
  14. Constitutive documents of parent company (copy with apostille)
  15. Incorporation certificate of parent company (copy with apostille)
  16. Copy of the parent company's director with notarized translation into Russian
  17. Copy of the founder's passport with notarized translation into Russian (if the founder of the company is individual)
  18. Full name of applicant (parent company head or person authorized by power of attorney or the founder himself)
  19. Distribution of shares in Charter capital
  20. Copy of General director's passport (page spread and registration)
  21. Telephone number for Unified State Register of Legal Entities - as a company telephone number
  22. Copy of Chief accountant's passport (if mentioned in bank card)
  23. Business activity (preferably Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities, state the basic one)
  24. The term that General director is elected for (from one year to unlimited)
  25. Is it necessary to specify Auditor election and reserve fund formation in the Charter?
  26. Customer's contact person full name and telephone number (preferably mobile)
  27. Required quantity of seals
  28. Required number of notarized copies after registration
Generally, the process of company incorporation takes 3 working weeks from the moment of submitting all the necessary documents (the term may be changed according to the working schedule of Tax Inspection #15).
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