Legal services

Incorporation and support of legal entyties
  • Preparation of documents and assistance in registering all for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, including those with foreign capital in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.
  • Founding and accreditation of affiliates and offices of Russian and foreign organizations.
  • Restructuring of companies (merger, incorporation, break-up, restructuring).
  • Changes of any type to charter documents of active companies (Capital increase, Change of General director and so on).
  • Getting work permit for foreigners.
  • Coordination of transactions with antimonopoly agency.
  • Legal assistance to register trademarks (service marks), drafting and registration of license agreements and concession agreements.

More about incorporation and legal support.

Company Liquidation
  • Legal support for liquidation of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Handling disputes with tax agencies during company liquidation.
  • Purchase of companies under liquidation with subsequent liquidation (bankruptcy).

Bankruptcy and Arbitration Management
  • Consulting on issues of bankruptcy and managing debt.
  • Support for bankruptcy procedures, including purchasing companies at risk.
  • Assistance in liquidating debts.
  • Arbitration management functions, crisis management.
  • Assistance for arbitration managers (valuation, accounting service, audit, legal assistance).
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System of taxes and levies in Russia: Federal taxes and levies (fixed by the Russian Tax Code and subject for payment throughout the territory of the Russian Federation). Regional taxes and levies (laid out by the federal Russian Tax Code and regional tax related laws and subject for payment in the regions). Local taxes and dues (laid out by federal Tax Code and municipal tax regulations, subject for payment to the municipal authorities). Basic taxes rates.

A Foreign investor on the territory of the Russian Federation is granted the complete and absolute protection of his rights and interests which is ensured by the Russian legislation as well as Russian international agreements. Every Foreign investor is entitled for reimbursement of losses, incurred to him as a result of any illegal actions of any the state body, local authorities or officials, who are employed by them...
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