Work permit and visa support

Consulting group O.S.V. has a significant experience in assisting foreign citizens on all aspects of entering Russia as well as living and working in Russia.

We provide our customers with the following services in respect of foreign employees legalization:

  • Consultations under the foreign citizens stay and work
  • Approval for quotation for foreign employees, correction of annual quota
  • Work permit for a company and personal work permits
  • Registration of a company at the Department of Federal Migration Service
  • Visa support
  • Registration of a foreign citizen in St.Petersburg
  • Labor relationships with foreign employees
  • Taxation of foreign employees
  • Obtaining of sojourn permit
  • Obtaining of residence permit
Necessary documents and information for work permit and visa obtaining
  1. Copy of Company's OGRN (Primary state registration number) certificate
  2. Copy of Company's INN (individual taxpayer number) certificate
  3. Copy of Company's Statistic department certificate
  4. Copy of  Company's extract from EGRUL (unified state register of legal entities) certificate
  5. State tax payment receipt for giving permission to employer or contractor. For each foreign employee 6000 rubles are taken
  6. Black&white photos 3x4 cm size, opaque - 4 pieces
  7. Colour photos 3x4 cm size, opaque - 4 pieces
  8. Copy of passport with notarized translation into Russian
  9. Copy of  professional education document with notarized translation into Russian
  10. State tax payment receipt for 2 000 rubles for giving work permit to a foreign citizen
  11. Medical certificate and HIV absence certificate
  12. State tax for invitation execution amounts to 500 rubles
  13. Place of birth (town, country)
  14. Place of living outside Russia (full address)
  15. Place of visa obtaining (town, country)
  16. Address in St. Petersburg
We are also able to provide you with additional services in respect of documents translation and notarization, obtaining of medical certificates and others.

Generally, the process of work permit and multi-entry working visa obtaining takes from 4 up to 5 months from the moment of submitting all the necessary documents.
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System of taxes and levies in Russia: Federal taxes and levies (fixed by the Russian Tax Code and subject for payment throughout the territory of the Russian Federation). Regional taxes and levies (laid out by the federal Russian Tax Code and regional tax related laws and subject for payment in the regions). Local taxes and dues (laid out by federal Tax Code and municipal tax regulations, subject for payment to the municipal authorities). Basic taxes rates.

A Foreign investor on the territory of the Russian Federation is granted the complete and absolute protection of his rights and interests which is ensured by the Russian legislation as well as Russian international agreements. Every Foreign investor is entitled for reimbursement of losses, incurred to him as a result of any illegal actions of any the state body, local authorities or officials, who are employed by them...
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